Photos: DIIV and Yuna Play Glass Is Life’s SXSW Eco Closing Party in Austin

Friday marked the close of the SXSW Eco Conference—which is in its second year and went from 1200 registrants in 2011 to 2700 this year—with the event’s official Glass Is Life party. Rapid Ric DJed while the sun was setting, which was extra epic since the event was held in a glass-windowed room right on the water. At 8PM, Bird Peterson went on, and despite shows by Gza and David Bryne happening the same night, the FADER crowd came out strong as usual. Complimentary Oktoberfest was provided by Shiner, Rebecca Creek sent us whiskey and vodka from their distillery in Texas and Frostie, an old-school Detroit soda brand, offered up carbonated refreshments. Yuna and DIIV both flew into town just to perform at the event, and killed it, of course. Interviews from both artists will be up soon, so check back for those.

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