Interview: Tame Impala

A few months before the release of Lonerism, Tame Impala came through the US for a short stint to get in the touring state of mind. We had them stop by The FADER office to talk about the hazards of playing on hot stages without shoes (you know where that’s going), their new record and how the addition of a new member has changed their dynamic. Lonerism is out right now on Modular, and you can read the FADER #82 cover story on the band right here.

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  1. michael says:

    I am getting very tired of the different pictures that show the band Tame Impala. THey are four young men this article only shows two of them there are a couple of ring ins here. Tame impala might be Jay Parker and all the mythology you guys and I guess Jay himself is spinning across the atmosphere, but it is four solid hard working guys on stage don’t deprive them of the picture time. Despite the rubbish about broken homes, girl friends in Paris and living in a garret in Paris surrounded by his Romantic mythology in a kind of David Casper Frederick mythological world most of it is rubbish. So lets start with the correct pictures at least shall we, present company can graduate to the stratosphere of rock gods later.