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Ulrich Schnauss, "A Long Way To Fall" MP3


I'm from the Northwest, and winters there can be harsh. Not as cold as the East Coast or anything, but just unrelentingly grey and bone-chillingly damp. Growing up, it got harder and harder to wait out those winter months, so I had to turn to music for warmth. It's how, through creative file sharing in college, I started listening to Ulrich Schnauss’ beautiful album A Strangely Isolated Place. Besides being a warm accompaniment for those miserable winters, Schnauss indirectly introduced me to the concept of passive music listening, of finding beauty in what you're not paying attention to as much as what you are. "A Long Way To Fall" continues in this tradition. It's warm without being sappy, pretty without overdoing it, firmly electronic but never in a way that's expected or trendy. It's worth trying to figure out as much as it's worth letting drift into the background. Schnauss' album A Long Way To Fall will be out early next year on Domino/Scripted Realities.

Download: Ulrich Schnauss, "A Long Way To Fall"

Ulrich Schnauss, "A Long Way To Fall" MP3