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Stream: Itasca, "Milk Tea"


Sultan’s Kayla Cohen relocated from New York to Los Angeles last year. The move yielded a debut release from her new solo project Itasca, which nixes the the brillow-y drones of the former project in favor of something more closely resembling Anglo-American folk. "Milk Tea" is a cut from her self-released debut, which is built on an enigmatically sparse combination of vocals and acoustic guitar. The finger-plucking seems equally indebted to 17th-century Baroque and 20th-century minimalism, while Cohen's deadpan alto sounds a bit like the Paisley Underground stylings of the Dream Syndicate's Kendra Smith. Strangely reinforcing its outsider-ish aura, Grace Riders on the Road can only be ordered by emailing the artist directly.

Stream: Itasca, "Milk Tea"

Posted: October 15, 2012
Stream: Itasca, "Milk Tea"