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Stream: Indians, "Cakelakers"

There was a recent Onion article that made fun of "autumn men" who wear sweaters and walk around in the brisk, golden light while drinking coffee and loving Thanksgiving. It was great because it nailed this whole weird fall obsession that people get so into. But then, I realized that my routine of waking up in the morning, putting on some music that is overwhelmingly nice and drinking coffee while I see what is happening on the internet (a lot is happening on the internet) is pretty much exactly what is being described here. I'm not in the minority though, what other season allows you to not wear lots of clothes and also not sweat? Spring, I guess, but whatever. The point is that Indians makes great fall music, which is not to say it's overly innocuous or content to drift lazily in the background, it's more that "Cakelakers" is a reflection of a specific world, and that world is a world where it is always about 58 degrees and golden out, and if that's the vibe they want to cultivate, I can't really be mad. The guitars jangle and strum and butt up against each other, and the vocals exist just out of reach. Indians debut Somewhere Else is out January 29th on 4AD.

Stream: Indians, "Cakelakers"