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Stream Prins Thomas' Album Prins Thomas II

Prins Thomas' new album Prins Thomas II works as one massive track, incorporating bassy horns, staccato drum rolls and bouncy synths into his expertly produced, textured dance music. It's what he's been doing for years, taking these sunkissed moments of bliss and drawing them out across entire records, but what makes Prins Thomas II the next logical step is how it's so dead-on when it comes to variation. Just as a specific drum roll or tuba loop starts to wear out its welcome, Thomas introduces gliding synths or twinkling keys or a tropical drum strain over the top. It creates a stacking effect that never gets ahead of itself, but allows Thomas to create these gorgeously monolithic pieces of music. Prins Thomas II is out October 29th on Full Pupp.

Stream: Prins Thomas, Prins Thomas II (via Resident Advisor)

Stream Prins Thomas' Album Prins Thomas II