Download Kwony Cash’s Da Voice of the Streets Mixtape


While there is a good deal of competition for the title of Auto-Tune King of Atlanta, Kwony Cash is the smart underdog to bet on. The man responsible for Soulja Boy’s “Zan With the Lean” returns with a new mixtape, Da Voice of the Streets. There may not be anything that matches the pure jubilance of “Zan” or the piano-driven heft of “Real Women Anthem”, but that’s because this mixtape, with some exception towards the end, is a lot darker. “Pop N Roll” is a serious drug narrative and “I Cried 4 U” is some gnarly breakup shit. Future makes an appearance, too, showing up on “Numbers” but, in Kwony’s alternate universe, he can’t compete. Definitely stick around to the end for “Word Up” which is pretty explosive.

Download: Kwony Cash, Da Voice of the Streets

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  1. unimpressed says:

    this the best you can do Fader? all these rappers brain deD