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Stream: Roc Marciano, "Bozak"


At the end of this month, Fat Beats Records is reissuing Roc Marciano’s overlooked Marcberg, an album that is as close to lo-fi rap as rap gets. Over stumbling beats, wobbly samples and generally grimy production, Marciano taps into New York's darkest golden days: violent gun talk, hoarse threats and internal rhyme schemes abound. It's a sound that is deeply rooted in New York's past, but Marciano doesn't desperately hold on to history, instead choosing to revel in the rich legacy he's been part of. "Bozak" will appear on the reissue, but wasn't on the original version. By the sound of it, it'll fit right in with the rest.

Stream: Roc Marciano, "Bozak"

Posted: October 24, 2012
Stream: Roc Marciano, "Bozak"