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Styleblaster: The Ultimate Street Style Blog?

In an unusually literal take on the street style blog, a new, New York-based site called Styleblaster publishes a steady stream of images captured from a stationary camera about a block from Williamsburg's Bedford L stop. Self-described as a "realtime account of what people in Williamsburg are wearing," Styleblaster turns the spotlight on pretty much everybody with the good fortune (or ill fortune) of unknowingly walking by. Sure, lamenting the gentrification of Williamsburg remains one of the favorite pastimes of the people who are actively gentrifying it, but, as Styleblaster reveals, even what is ostensibly one of the most "fashionable" blocks in the world is still a whole lot more diverse than it's cracked up to be-- style-wise, yes, but also in pretty much every other conceivable way. Considering that viewers can "vote" as to which passersby they find the most "stylin," here's to hoping that this one doesn't devolve into another "hot or not" internet meme.

Styleblaster: The Ultimate Street Style Blog?