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Download the New Night People Compilation


Night People is a taste-making, Iowa City-based cassette label founded by Wet Hair frontman Shawn Reade. A lynchpin of sorts in the global weird music community, it's known for its scuffed sonics, delicately screen-printed art work and early adoption of artists like Dirty Beaches, Zola Jesus, Sleep Over and Rene Hell. Yesterday, the label dropped a free compilation called Spent Minds with fresh cuts from the likes of Blanche Blanche Blanche, Scott and Charlene's Wedding, The Happy Jawbone Family Band and Featureless Ghost. Download the compilation from the source, listen to this upbeat anthem from Tokyo duo Fancy Books below and think about how much great music there must be out there that don't know even know about yet.

Stream: Fancy Books, "Sponge Boy"

Download the New Night People Compilation