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Video: Tamaryn, "The Garden"

Part of Tamaryn’s appeal has been the way that she's developed her music to feel like it owes plenty to shoegaze bands of the past, while also carving out its own space in that lineage. You can say that "The Garden" has echoes of My Bloody Valentine, but by now, what doesn't have some sort of My Bloody Valentine influence? (Okay, a lot of stuff, but you get the point). "The Garden" feels very Reality Bites, grainy, up-close footage of Tamaryn—who you expect to deliver an off the cuff gen x confessional to the camera—or of flowers, filtered through a VHS effect that'll make you nostalgic for nothing in particular, except maybe Reality Bites or that weird late-period season of 90210 where the Peach Pit turned into a nightclub called Peach Pit After Dark and like half the cast worked at a newspaper. Tamaryn's Tender New Signs is out now on Mexican Summer.

Video: Tamaryn, "The Garden"