Stream: Chief Keef, “Kush Wit Them Beans”

Zan With That Lean,” last year’s overjoyed, Auto-Tuned romp by chronic appropriator Soulja Boy and his then-muse Kwony Cash, could hardly sound farther from “Don’t Like” and the gruff drill sound that first made Chief Keef famous. Then, somehow this spring, both improbably and obviously, Soulja Boy and Keef linked up—first on “Say She Luv Me,” and a few times since. Now, on “Kush Wit Them Beans,” Keef hops on “Zan With That Lean.” Who would’ve thought it would come to this? And isn’t it kind of great that it did?

For more new Keef, check out “Dat Loud,” also posted to his Twitter today, along with a bunch of old videos.

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  1. i don't like says:

    kinda wack but hey i have taste unlike whoever wrote this post

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  4. Emily says:

    I can’t believe you’re supporting this guy. Not to mention, this song is complete garbage. Can’t find any redeeming qualities.

  5. SenzuriChampion says:

    this is maybe the greatest thing to happen this year

  6. joe Mamma says:

    Is this pharrell? I can repeat two sentences over and over too.

  7. kimneyona says:

    y da fuck do yall keep puting this boi down he’s just goin after something he like.. n wtf r yall doin shid but worrying bout him team sosa

  8. Meme says:

    Mfs HATERS Dntt Worry Boutt Himm &&’d Ihtts NOtt Likee None Of Yall Mfs Can Rap..!! SO STOPP hatinqq ON Keef.. &&’d whyy yall hatinqq shordy gott more money than yall. shytt if he wanted to he can pay yall to wipe hiss ass… soo my perspectivee is to stopp fuckinqq hatinqq BITCHESS..
    #Teamm SOSAA <3