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Young Dreams, "Fog Of War" (Korallreven Remix) MP3


Whenever I hear Korallreven do their signature thing, which grafts layers of tropical instrumentation onto subtly sad songs, I think of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Like most romantic comedies, the movie starts out sad, gets sadder and then—surprise!—happy ending. But set against a sunny backdrop, those sad moments have a weird hue that feels not dissimilar from a horror movie set in the daytime. Korallreven's remix of Young Dreams’ already epic "Fog Of War" would fit into that movie perfectly, but it also fits into the general weirdness of life. It's a reminder that bummer moments don't only happen at night in the rain, they can just as easily exist when you're getting a tan, eating fresh mango under a eucalyptus tree. Or, you know, when a Korallreven song comes on. Young Dreams' "Fog of War" single and remixes is out now via Modular, with a debut LP to follow next year.

Download: Young Dreams, "Fog Of War" (Korallreven Remix)

Young Dreams, "Fog Of War" (Korallreven Remix) MP3