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The Storied History of Clarks in Jamaica

Clarks have been an iconic shoe in America and England for a number of years, but nowhere have they been revered—to the point of being the subject of radio hits and cult jams—like they are in Jamaica. In his new book, Clarks In Jamaica, DJ-turned-historian Al Fingers breaks down the widespread impact the shoes have had on Jamdown, drawing quotes from a number of Jamaican icons in the book and revealing the rather personal relationship Jamaican owner's have with their Clarks—in some cases, after years of being worn daily, old Clarks are respectfully buried like a beloved pet. He details their arrival in The West Indies circa 1912, as well as the cultural effect of several love letter singles in the ’80s by artists like Ranking Joe, Eek-a-Mouse and Little John, a tradition recently livened by Vybz Kartel's 2010 hit track "Clarks," an infectious dancehall anthem that had a big influence on Clarks' sales in Jamaica. Pick up a copy of the book here.

The Storied History of Clarks in Jamaica