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Chromatics, "Cherry" MP3


It's pretty safe to say that if you're a music fan of a certain stripe, you've noticed that Chromatics are having a pretty big year. Kill For Love was a sprawling, career-defining album of late night dancefloor melancholy and paranoid synths. Then they released Running From The Sun, which was a mix of outtakes and unreleased stuff. On paper, it was marginal, but it ended up being a perfect companion to Kill For Love. "Cherry" is from After Dark 2, the sequel to the first Italians Do It Better compilation, it further plumbs the depths of loneliness in the most romantic way possible. When I'm old and someone asks me to explain 2012, I will likely just play them "Cherry" in all it's isolated, heartbreakingly sincere glory. There's a video too.

Download: Chromatics, "Cherry"

Chromatics, "Cherry" MP3