Watch: Exclusive Clip of Will Oldham’s Performance in New Jerusalem

The Comedy (and James Murphy’s cameo in it) may have stole a bit of the thunder of Rick Alverson’s other movie, 2010′s quiet and intense New Jerusalem, but the film still feels incredibly pertinent even two years later. It chronicles the personal struggle of a young veteran (played by Colm O’Leary) returning home after a tour in Afghanistan, and his budding friendship with an Evangelical Christian played by Will Oldham (his second lead performance in a feature film since Old Joy). New Jerusalem is available for wide release today on iTunes, Amazon Vudu, Sony Playstation and Xbox, and if you’re in NYC, there will be a theatrical run at Videology in Williamsburg from Nov 30th-Dec 6th. Watch the clip above, check out the official trailer below and put it in the queue for Friday night movie watching.

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  1. daniel says:

    ahhhhhh, amber!!! thank you!!! i have been watching that trailer on repeat for years, just for the 8 seconds of OH, HOW I LOVE JESUS! you have majorly made my day.

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