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Johnny Jewel, Black & White: A Mix For Autumn MP3


After quickly running through his recent tour adventures, Johnny Jewel wrote this: "After looping the globe twice...We're finally back in Montreal for one of my favorite times of year. It's the end of Autumn, & all of the Reds, Greens, & Yellows have disintegrated into Black & White. Everything is buried by the snow...Perfect weather for locking yourself in the studio with a synthesizer & your favorite records...I put together a collage of songs that, for one reason or another...always remind me of Autumn." The collection runs through a bunch of Italians Do It Better material—"The Fading Faces," from Jewel's Symmetry record from earlier this year sounds especially great in the context of this mix—as well as likeminded stuff from Xeno & Oaklander and Blonde Redhead. These songs might remind Jewel of Autumn, but they also bring to mind late night winter walks, and that weird mixed feeling of dread and excitement that comes with the first major snow of the season.

Download: Johnny Jewel, Black & White: A Mix For Autumn

Johnny Jewel, Black & White: A Mix For Autumn MP3