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Stream: Mark McGuire's Surrogate Channels EP


While we were busy jamming his remix of Prince Rama's "So Destroyed" last week, Emeralds guitarist Mark Mcguire was slowly racking up plays on a 3-track EP that, unbeknownst to us hungry media people, he uploaded to his Bandcamp earlier this month. Uncharacteristically streamable, Surrogate Channels was recorded during the spring and summer of 2012 at Heavenly Bodies in Portland—McGuire's home base prior to relocating to Los Angeles, where he is rumored to be soundtracking a film. "Morning, and the Gold Coast," he says, was inspired by the beaches of Australia, whereas "Surrogate Channels" and "Controlled by Numbers (in the house of 7 and 13)" he defines by their minimal palette: McGuire got the urge to record them when he had very little gear at home, but noticed that White Rainbow's Adam Forkner had left his Ensonic SQ-1 synthesizer on the porch.

Stream Mark McGuire's Surrogate Channels EP

Stream: Mark McGuire's Surrogate Channels EP