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Download Meyhem Lauren's Mandatory Brunch Meetings Mixtape

Food raps! Still on trend. Potentially forever on trend. If you can pull it off, you can sound pretty awesome rapping about eating peel n eat shrimp or cooking eggs or whatever. Along with Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren is a serious contender for most underrated dude to use various meals as a concept for a mixtape. In this case, it's a particularly aggro MANDATORY BRUNCH MEETING, which—can you imagine getting yelled at hungover on a Sunday? (You probably can). Anyway, Lauren occupies a great, specific place in the new New York rap scene. Yeah, it's been done before, but when Lauren rhymes salmon burger with candid learner before launching into "Get That Money Black," which not only features a Thanksgiving-related intro, but also features Lauren paying serious homage to Kool G Rap’s still untouchable breathless style, this feels like a very specific, lost kind of reverence. The point is that Lauren is certainly steeped in a very specific sort of hard-headed rap history, but he's also making entertaining music that can stand on its own. Mandatory Brunch Meetings is out right now via Mishka. If you've always wanted to hear someone adlib the word "minestrone," this is totally for you.

Download: Meyhem Lauren, Mandatory Brunch Meetings

Download Meyhem Lauren's Mandatory Brunch Meetings Mixtape