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Young Dreams, "Fog of War" (Lemonade Remix) MP3


Diver, Lemonade’s album from earlier this year, sounds like it was conceived, written and recorded inside the darkest club between the hours of three and four AM. It's probably what gives the whole thing a sense of melancholy, which hovers somewhere between ambient regret and an attempt to forget something that just can't be forgotten. It's what's between the lines of the darker material on that album that matters. Since that album's release, they've put out a somewhat steady stream of remixes that all touch on that feeling, this time drawing Young Dreams into the mix through wobbly synths and distant percussion that somehow manage to evoke being trapped in your own headspace. Good times! Young Dreams' "Fog of War" Remix EP is out now on Modular.

Download: Young Dreams, "Fog of War" (Lemonade Remix)

Young Dreams, "Fog of War" (Lemonade Remix) MP3