Eastpak and Wood Wood’s High Tech Backpacks


Backpacks have typically been built to house granola bars and water bottles for mountain hiking trips or bag lunches and textbooks for school, but Eastpak has spent the last few years on some pretty adventurous collaborations with designers like Kris Van Assche and Christopher Shannon, pushing the practical accessory into the 21st century. Here, they’re kicking off a second season of collabs with Copenhagen’s Wood Wood for a collection called “Modulation” that utilizes a high-quality bonded nylon in all sorts of interesting ways—most wonderfully, on a series of bags with detachable pockets for iPhones, iPads and laptops of different sizes and all kinds of mix and match functional goodies. The collection will hit stores in January.

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  3. Fraser says:

    Just going to say that wood wood made my favorite tshirt of all time. Invest.