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Video: Kriget, "Holy Mountain"

Not gonna spoil this one too much, but Swedish band Kriget’s "Holy Mountain" is built on skittering drums and rusty horn skronk, so it's already kind of unsettling. But now that there's a video, directed by Fredrik Joelson, it's even more unsettling. Maybe it's the fact that the gorgeous wintery shots of a mother and daughter wandering through nature gives way to a disturbing narrative that may or may not feature some serious overfeeding and a very large fire, but it also could be that the song is so hard to pin down. At times, it feels almost cartoonishly upbeat, but the free jazz business of the whole thing erodes that vibe in favor of something more murky and ominous. Stream the single right here, and get a physical version February 5th on The Control Group.

Video: Kriget, "Holy Mountain"