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Ethernet, "Correction" MP3

The internet as art. Not a new concept, but still plenty to be mined from it. We've seen ancient gifs brought back as abstract art, pixelated Sega screengrabs turned into fashion statements, that dancing baby that even ended up on Ally McBeal probably enjoyed some kind of resurgence that I willfully blocked out...the internet as a thing that's not just used for information, stealing, or getting lost in is clearly something that a lot of artists are fascinated with. So what of Ethernet? The connection isn't explicitly there, except in the name—which at first seems overly obvious and then when you actually listen to the music starts to feel pretty perfect. "Correction" is an ambient piece with a faint rhythm section, filled with ghostly swaths and what sounds like a tiny digital waterfall. It's that digital noise that somehow manages to most clearly denote information being transported,which is the most abstract idea I can think of. There's no real way that I can ever know what it sounds like for data to pass through a wire. I'll probably never know, but it's nice to imagine it sounding as soothing and deep as "Correction" does. Ethernet's Opus 2 is out January 7th on Kranky.

Download: Ethernet, "Correction"

Ethernet, "Correction" MP3