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Stream: Laurel Halo, "Sunlight on the Faded (Dub)"


On Quarantine, from earlier this year, Laurel Halo pushed her vocals to the front. She didn't always hit the notes you'd imagine she was aiming for, but that was on purpose, and it achieved a weird result: listening to Laurel Halo suddenly felt less like an exercise in complex drum programming and often gorgeous experimental techno and more like a peak directly into her mind. "Sunlight on the Faded" does the same thing, but dials it back, letting her vocals climb and fall and roil all over the track. The dub version, which Halo posted to Twitter yesterday, removes those vocals, exposing the instrumental as a piece of murky machine music—bottling industrial city noise and skittering drums into a sometimes paranoid piece of music that closes with an ambient section that captures that feeling of hitting your pillow after you've been out all night. It's a mini world in itself.

Stream: Laurel Halo, "Sunlight on the Faded (Dub)"

Posted: December 12, 2012
Stream: Laurel Halo, "Sunlight on the Faded (Dub)"