Stream A Bunch Of Lemonade Remixes


Because why not! I mean, there are so many reasons in the abstract to not download a remix. The main reason is that there are just too many of them, and you reach a point where the song you loved so much is buried under a pile of slight alterations. That said, remixes often work well when they put an artist in a new context entirely, or when they take the context an artist is already in and embed them further. In Lemonade’s case, it’s the latter. All these remixes are dancefloor-leaning, pulling the band away from vaguely tropical club melancholy by ditching a lot of the ambient sadness that was such a big part of Diver. You’d think this wouldn’t work. The reason that Diver was effective was partially because of that sadness and the way it hinted at so much below-the-surface heaviness. But in the end, hearing these songs boiled down to cutup choruses and glittery synth reworks is as illuminating as it is fun to listen to. You can catch Lemonade at Glasslands this Saturday, December 15th.

Stream A Bunch Of Lemonade Remixes

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  1. Chickie Martinez says:

    Did you read through the write-up before publishing it? When you read through it, were you able to discern any meaning from any of the sentences you wrote? Were you even able to read it or did it just blur before your eyes into a hazy cloud of nonsense? Next time, maybe you should just let great music speak for itself.