Video: Featureless Ghost, “Cover of Night”

Though they sound like they materialized out of the sort of neon-colored fog one might encounter at a Mutual Dreaming party in New York, or an 100% Silk party in Los Angeles, Featureless Ghost, the duo of Elise Tippins and Matt Weiner, actually hail from Atlanta. Personality Matrix, their debut full-length, came out earlier this fall on Iowa City DIY label Night People, and considering that label’s reputation for grain and grit, not to mention the deliberate low-resolution of most self-professed “dark wave” music, it’s a hell of a lot fuller and more dramatic sounding than you’d expect. Logan Owlbeemoth keeps things light and dreamy with all the colorful VHS waffles in this video for “Cover of Night,” but there’s a commanding, B52s-like quality to Tippins’ vocals that makes things feel pretty underworldy indeed.

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  1. Hiawatha Hathaway says:

    Like, Mad Men Matt Weiner?

  2. Walt White says:

    One and the same…