Stream: The xx, “Chained” (John Talabot and Pional Blinded Remix)

The Streets’ “Blinded By The Lights” is one of the more unexpectedly influential songs in a while. At the time, it was a slowed down piece of heavy trance featuring Mike Skinner taking a bunch of MDMA and not being able to find his friends. It was sad and pretty at once, and epitomized a very lonely and disorienting feeling. Here, John Talabot and Pional loosely shift the fractured synth structure of the original into new territory, molding much more empty space around the drums and reducing The xx’s vocals to just the key melancholy parts. Though it does share some sonic similarities with “Blinded By The Lights,” it’s more that Talabot and Pional use the dusky mood as a jumping off point for gorgeously rounded percussion.

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  1. Relaxing and funky as hell, don’t really hear any Trance in it though.