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Stream: Vår, "The Boy or the Boot"


This Friday, Sacred Bones is celebrating its five-year anniversary with a party in the the Mojave Desert and a compilation full of previously unheard material from the artists on its roster. Zola Jesus, Psychic Ills, Pop 1280 will be in attendance, but also some Sacred Bones newcomers like Vår, the half creepy, half really mellow electronic project of Iceage lead singer Elias Ronnenfelt and Sexdrome's Loke Rahbek, two lead players in the Copenhagen punk scene. In advance of their 2013 debut on the Brooklyn imprint, here's the cut they submitted to Five Years of Sacred Bones Records, which will unfortunately only be available at the show; combined with the field recording of those people talking in heavily accented English, the clumsy-sounding synth diddy that forms the core of this track has an endearing, art-school vibe, though the scream-sung vocals make for some unanticipated electricity.

Stream: Vår, "The Boy or the Boot"

Posted: December 17, 2012
Stream: Vår, "The Boy or the Boot"