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The Soft, "Emblems" MP3

The spell of mesmerizing, almost Emeralds-evoking guitar loops on UK trio The Soft's seven-minute "Emblems" is broken first by hushed singing, and then, even more compelling, a brief monologue: Interesting, attractive, uncanny. What's wrong with it? And if you find it disturbing, why does it disturb you? It has a human-like face, and yet there's nothing behind except wires… What would it be like to see a real human in such a state? It's a fantastically soothing track. "Emblems" and "Mori," whose video is also below, are both out now for free via Ceremony, who'll release The Soft's all-new EP next year.

Download: The Soft, "Emblems"

The Soft, "Emblems" MP3