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Video: Foot Village, "The End of The World"

According to the Mayan calendar, everything and everyone we've ever known will be meeting a ghastly end tomorrow. If you're busy saying goodbye to your family members, professing your undying love for someone or throwing back gallons of alcohol, then we feel you. If you're stuck at the office and reading blogs to distract yourself from the fact that we're all going to die, then Foot Village, the 5-drummer noise rock collective led by Death Bomb Arc's Brian Miller, has something for you to hear. With their last release, Anti-Magic, the Los Angeles group completed a concept trilogy chronicling the rise and fall of a city in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Make Memories, their new album, sees the band traveling back in time (to now) and pummeling their way through the end of the world itself. With its jacked rhythms, impish vocals and gnarly flames, this video for "The End of The World" speaks a whole lot more to the combined terror and abandon of these times than words could ever do. And in case the album doesn't come out next March on Northern Spy, the band has set up an Emergency Response hotline that you can call today, with the hope that listening to Make Memories in full will offer us sensitive types a greater chance at survival. Call (951)262-2552, and read an introduction to the album from Miller, below:

Our previous full length, Anti-Magic, was the completion of a trilogy of albums we conceived of as soon as the band was formed. So it was essentially like working on the same, super long album for five years. I'm proud that I had that dedication in me, but the excitement of doing something totally new with Make Memories has personally been more rewarding. It's felt like being in my first band again, but this time around I actually know how to play my instrument and understand how to arrange and compose a song. "The End of the World" is one of the most unique things to come out of our new found sense of exploration. A ballad for just percussion and voice. Lots of percussion and lots of voices of course. Maybe that doesn't sound like a huge thing, but for us at least, it is the small thing that embodies a lot.

Posted: December 20, 2012
Video: Foot Village, "The End of The World"