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Video: Angel Olsen, "Tiniest Seed"

Chicago singer-songwriter Angel Olsen spent a good deal of the past year working on a two-part, 16mm collaboration with filmmaker friends Randy Sterling Hunter, Ashley Connor and Zia Anger. After recording "Tiniest Seed" and "Sweet Dreams," from last year's excellent Half Way Home LP and this year's The Sleepwalker EP respectively, she shipped them off across the ocean to Vienna, and awaited instructions for two original music videos to be shot at home in the states. Olsen followed the instructions, sent the footage she back to Europe, and allowed her friends to take the reigns in post-production. This chiaroscuro clip for "Tiniest Seed," which they unveiled today on NPR, uses multiple exposures of Olsen singing to startling and slyly trippy effect. Visit NPR to see the very different approach they took for "Sweet Dreams," and check out this live video we captured of Olsen performing "Miranda" in Brooklyn last fall.

Video: Angel Olsen, "Tiniest Seed"