Stream Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory’s Album Elements of Light


Pantha Du Prince has always had an obsession with bells and ringing tones. On each of his albums, hypnotic bass cautiously gives way to ringing bells—adding an organic layer to the electronics thrumming underneath. It’s a trick with infinite directions to explore. It seems it was only a matter of time before Pantha Du Prince would make a record with bells as the focus. His collaborative project, Elements of Light, with The Bell Laboratory, a Norwegian percussion group is the epitome of that sound. Melding his muffled electronic thump with grandiose chimes and skittering jangles to create an often complex, perpetually beautiful piece of work. It’s an album that rewards patience above all else, which would maybe be difficult if listening to it wasn’t so fun.

Stream: Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory, Elements of Light

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