Watch Four Tet Play Two Hours Of Weird Records

Last week, Kieran Hebden, bka Four Tet, dropped an album’s worth of unreleased jams from earlier in his career onto the internet completely out of nowhere. It was a trip through Hebden’s past—encompassing brief ambient interludes, post-rock drum stumble and the seeds of what would later be his glitchy (underrated) a href=”” target=”_blank”>free jazz experiments with Steve Reid. The general takeaway was that though Hebden is in a more dancefloor-ready phase of his career, making gorgeously textured, thick electronic music, it’s worth remembering that he’s also spent a lot of time making music that is as confounding as it is pretty. If you’ve got a spare two hours today—and you probably do because you don’t actually need to glue your eyes to this or anything—it’s worth checking Hebden’s video mix for Tim and Barry’s Just Jam TV, which bounces from off-kilter horns to chimes to driving techno to bizarre old audio that sounds like it comes from an instructional science films. It’s one of those things that manages to be consistently mindblowing for its entire two hour runtime—the sort of musical trip that is so out there we didn’t even realize we wanted it in the first place. And hey, if you want to spend more time with it, you can download the audio right here.

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