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Download Pariah's Set For NTS Radio

If Four Tet's recent two hour, ultra obscure mix of weird jams somehow wasn't enough for you, Pariah, a completely different sort of producer has his own two hour radio set from NTS radio up for download. Though Pariah fits in comfortably with a whole host of producers—Shackleton, Jamie xx, Blawan, so many others—exploring darker corners of electronic music, he often jumps into purely ambient territory, with his remix of Forest Swords' "Hjurt" a particular favorite. His set here jumps from squelching, upbeat bass to early morning hypnotic house to dizzying synth spirals to crisp hi-hat snaps that sound like sizzling acid. Where Four Tet spent two hours getting deep into the globe's most untouched corners, Pariah opts for a more claustrophobic approach, building paranoia and rigid dread as he mixes in each new song.

Download: Pariah's Set For NTS Radio

Download Pariah's Set For NTS Radio