Video: Deniro Farrar & Blue Sky Black Death, “Just in Case the World Ends”

A video that features dudes in full camo gear, hiding out in a shack in the woods, counting money and doing bumps of cocaine off knives just before—spoiler alert—getting raided by some older soldiers as Deniro Farrar repeats the chorus just in case the world ends is not exactly going to be happy. But that’s alright, because Farrar, along with production duo Blue Sky Black Death, have nailed the haunting, low-key terrifying nihilism of early Three 6 Mafia, taken their obsession with horror movie soundtracks and built out darkly lush pieces from that sound. It’s a great well to draw from, especially when you can add something new to the subgenre, which they do here. There’s commentary about greed in this video, directed by Anthony Supreme, but even with a lesson, it’s not exactly positive. You’ll watch it and be generally bummed out about the world, which is probably what Farrar and BSBD are going for anyway.

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