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Stream: Kilo Kish f. Flatbush Zombies, "Creepwave"

photographer Adam Golfer

Cronos’ beat for "Creepwave"—which has been out in an incomplete form since September, and is now finished—is all build without much release. There's an dark industrial element to it too, with guitars streaking over the top of an ominous machine stomp, perfect for Flatbush Zombies, who've made careers over rapping over stuff like this, but surprising for Kilo Kish, who's managed to make a sort of half-asleep softness her calling card. In much of her music, there's an appealing weightlessness, like everything was made from marshmallows and steam. It's a subtle approach, but it works. "Creepwave" isn't that. It's heavier and much creepier, but Kish sounds right at home, chanting for a minute or two, dropping out entirely, and then coming back in with a breathy whisper. It feels like bitter bedroom music.

Stream: Kilo Kish f. Flatbush Zombies, "Creepwave" (via Pitchfork)

Stream: Kilo Kish f. Flatbush Zombies, "Creepwave"