Stream: The Haxan Cloak, “The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)”


There’s an effect that both The Haxan Cloak and composer Ben Frost seem to love that essentially involves cutting up low bass rumble until it hiccups. It doesn’t sound so different from rapidly modulating the volume of your stereo or plugging and unplugging your ears so that sound drops in and out. It’s a disorienting effect that feels closer to a horror movie soundtrack than a classical composition. “The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)” uses this technique perfectly, allowing wiry strings to scratch across a landscape of creepy bass before everything explodes into cut up sounds, like there’s so much going on that no speaker can conceivably handle it. When the song reaches its climax, it’s breathtaking and expansive. The Haxan Cloak’s Excavation will be out April 30th on Tri Angle.

Stream: The Haxan Cloak, “The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)”

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