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Stream: Dead Gaze, "I Found the Ending"


Over the past few years, Cole Furlow's Dead Gaze project has emerged as one of the preeminent rock voices in Mississippi's Cats Purring collective, a DIY venue and "dude ranch" that's helped spawn the careers of Dent May and Bass Drum of Death while providing local weirdos with some much-needed respite from the Southern bar-rock scene. On May 21st, FatCat imprint Palmist is dropping a collection of highlights from the band's extensive but piecemeal discography, including this pretty massive-sounding dream-pop anthem called "I Found the Ending," which Furlow recorded with buddies Len Clark and Jim Henegan at the Dude Ranch proper after switching up his living situation a little while back. "Writing the song was the first thing I did after moving into my new house," says Furlow of the track. "'I Found The Ending' was initially about all my material possessions and how I was apathetic towards everything I owned, but it ended up being a way for me to show that I had given up on what I thought was important." Furlow says it's his favorite track in the collection.

Stream: Dead Gaze, "I Found the Ending"

Posted: January 28, 2013
Stream: Dead Gaze, "I Found the Ending"