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Video: Solar Year, "Magic Idea"

Consistently incredible video director Jamie Harley pulls a classic trick in his Dummy-premiered take on Solar Year's "Magic Idea," juxtaposing the Montreal duo's slurpy, soft sonics with slo-mo shots of enamored fans at another band's festival gig. (The Embassy had a similar, cheeky video a few years back, for “Lurking (With a Distance).”) The song features on Solar Year's recent single for No Fear of Pop's Stratosfear Records. Download their FADER mix, too, and check out some European tour dates beneath it.

Download: Solar Year's FADER Mix

2/7 - PARIS, FRANCE @ L'Espace B
2/8 - LILLE, FRANCE @ Le Rouge
2/15 - OSLO, NORWAY @ Skuret
2/16 - BERLIN, GERMANY @ Urban Spree
2/23 - LEIPZIG, GERMANY @ NullUendlich

Video: Solar Year, "Magic Idea"