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Stream Apparat's Krieg Und Frieden Album

If you're familiar with Apparat because of his work with Ellen Allien, or from 2011's The Devil's Walk, which was pretty and sad and maybe a breakup album, or from that one song he had in a really intense scene in Breaking Bad, then listening to Krieg Und Frieden, which he made with a 30-piece orchestra as a soundtrack to a stage version of War and Peace, will probably come as a shock. Much of it is built on organic drone, giving way to Fennesz-like buzzing tones and ragged static. It's achingly pretty, and not as difficult as the previous couple sentences make it seem. If you're on the east coast and experiencing BLIZZARD 2013 (in New York, it's a gross wintery mix that isn't really sticking yet), this is perfect to put on and watch the rain/snow/sleet/grey slush rain down on people outside. Fans of Apparat's more traditional material will have plenty to love here—his hushed vocals make an appearance, and as fragile as they sound, they're something to grab onto amidst the tense strings and gummy drone. Krieg Und Frieden is out February 15th on Mute.

Stream: Apparat, Krieg Und Frieden (via FACT)

Stream Apparat's Krieg Und Frieden Album