Download Castratii, “Limits” + Papercutz and Courtship Remixes


Castratii’s fantastically doomed “Limits” came out last fall, via the Sydney-based band’s debut Eora LP. It’s shoegaze a la Slowdive, but when the the track ends—and I mean this in the best way—it always gets me singing the hook to “Take My Breath Away.” Like, it packs in an emotional wallop anyone could feel. While the band puts finishing touches on a new EP, they’ve shared two great remixes: by the Portuguese producer Papercutz, whose emphasis on drums and keys at the piano’s low end draws out the cut’s gloomier notes without wrecking it with melodrama, and by San Francisco’s Courtship, whose twinkly synths spin things optimistic. Stream them below on Soundcloud and grab the set for however much you’d like to pay on Bandcamp.

Download: Castratii, “Limits” + Papercutz and Courtship Remixes

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