Download Fat Trel, Alley Boy And Master P’s Louie V Mob Mixtape


When Master P shouts out “Duct Tape” and “Slutty Boys” on Louie V Mob‘s “Break Em Off,” he sounds like Steve Harvey announcing rival dance crews in You Got Served. That’s kind of the point of this whole Louie V Mob project, Master P having found exceptional gangsta rappers (Fat Trel and Alley Boy) that make him feel young again. For that, they get P’s infinite clout, and he, their youthful energy. But us? We get a a very middling compilation of music that sounds forced on all sides from rappers who’ve long had (or will have) much more meaningful runs of much better music.

Download: Fat Trel, Alley Boy And Master P, Louie V Mob

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