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Gobby, "Krylon Surf Magix" MP3

Listening to Gobby is like taking a trip through all music ever, condensed into a (in this case) six-and-a-half minute glob of rusty synths and hyperactive drumwork. The roughshod cut-and-paste aspect of the track might connote nostalgia, but it feels like Gobby is working from a different playbook, blending swing-tempo hi-hats to lasers and criss-crossed keys. "Krylon Surf Magix" is a busy song, but it pulses with warmth, and as weird as it gets, it never feels unwelcoming. Gobby's Fashion Lady is out April 16th on UNO. Watch a low-budget video for the track up above, and download it below.

Download: Gobby, "Krylon Surf Magix"

Gobby, "Krylon Surf Magix" MP3