Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge, “The Rise of The Ghostface Killah” MP3


An entire thesis paper could be written about the records Wu-Tang Clan members have made since the release of 8 Diagrams, their last official album as a group. A lot of the stuff on them is not great, some of it is better than it was given credit for. Mostly, it’s been pretty interesting watching a group of incredible vital rappers navigate the next phase of their careers. Raekwon’s Only Bult 4 Cuban Linx II was a good blueprint—it saw the husky-voiced rapper sticking to what people loved him for: dead-eyed mafia talk and street tales told with an astonishing sense of detail. Ghostface Killah returns here, working with producer Adrian Younge, who provides a laconic guitar flange backdrop for Ghost to tell complex, vaguely abstract stories. It’s not Supreme Clientele, but what is? You can pull that album out whenever you want. Ghostface and Adrian Younge’s concept album Twelve Reasons to Die should be a perfect opportunity for Ghost to showcase his storytelling skills across an album in one cohesive narrative.

Download: Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, “The Rise of The Ghostface Killah”

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