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Stream Mitzi's Truly Alive LP


In a perfect world it'd be 80 degrees in New York instead of 18, and all of the city would radiate free WiFi, and we could all ditch for a long park lunch soundtracked by this stream of Brisbane quartet Mitzi's carefree, kick-off-your-shoes disco. The latest release from perennially on-point Aussie label Future Classic, Truly Alive shines midsummer bright with zero-stress strummers, like "Who Will Love You Now," more than a few goofily cheery melodies, like the little doodle that opens "On My Mind," and even ruminating piano cuts, like "This Is Right for You." It's an excellent, mid-tempo-but-never-lagging crush album. Truly Alive is out now in Australia and out tomorrow, February 19th, in the States.

Stream: Mitzi's Truly Alive LP

Stream Mitzi's Truly Alive LP