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King Garbage, "Glory Box" (Portishead Cover) MP3


Someone could probably write a very long, in-depth essay about the overlooked influence of trip-hop and how it exists in the background of so much of what we listen to today. For rnow, I'll point to this cover of Portishead's "Glory Box" by King Garbage, the project of Brooklyn producer Zach Cooper, aka kuxxan SUUM, and Austin, Texas-based singer Victor DiMotsis. It's a fairly faithful cover, using the dank atmospherics of the original as a launch pad to create something just slightly weirder and more idiosyncratic. At times, this sounds like something Can would have made had they kept on trucking through music as we currently know it; at others, it sounds like a swampy home demo that puts a new spin on the original while exposing some of the framework that made it great in the first place. The King Garbage/kuxxan SUUM split 12-inch is out in April on Styles Upon Styles.

Download: King Garbage, "Glory Box" (Portishead Cover)

King Garbage, "Glory Box" (Portishead Cover) MP3