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Stream: Locust, "Strobes"


Under both the Locust alias and his own name, Mark Van Hoen’s been a fixture of the electronic music world for a few decades now. He's cycled through plenty of different sounds, but "Strobes," from You'll Be Safe Forever (out April 16th on Editions Mego), feels like a confluence of...everything. Airy synths drift over a heavy drum loop that slowly compresses itself into tunnels of sound, and there's a ghostly, Aphex Twin-esque vocal sample that fuzzes and glitches beyond the point of intelligibility. It feels like a survey of noise and harsh electronics against a welcoming backdrop. But beyond all that, it's a gorgeous track that effortlessly synthesizes so many disparate sounds into one cohesive piece.

Stream: Locust, "Strobes"

Posted: February 19, 2013
Stream: Locust, "Strobes"