Video: Lust For Youth, “Chasing the Light”

Not all that much happens in this video for “Chasing the Light,” the catchy but scuffed-up and almost grudgingly dance-able synth-pop single from Sweden’s Lust For Youth, out today via Sacred Bones. A dude goes to the beach and crushes some pretty blue mussel shells in his hand. He walks up so close to a statue that he looks like he’s about to kiss it, but then he goes to a department store and samples some perfume. Back at the beach, a young woman appears; she opens bottle of beer with her teeth, and then they make out, and then they go swimming, and then they make out a little more. Okay, it’s not that nothing transpires, but everything goes by so gently and episodically that it feels like Norrvide just happened have a cameraman follow an actor around on a generally aimless day with a few very sensual surprises. The video was made by Copenhagen friends Kristian Emdal, Loke Rahbek, and Elias Bender-Rønnenfelt, who recently talked to us about the new record he has out with his band Iceage.

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  1. randy says:

    oh, another completely unoriginal band featuring rich dudes with fascist haircuts? cool

    sacred bones is a fine label when not putting out this trend-hopping darkwave crap.