Save the Date: The FADER FORT Presented by Converse

This spring’s FADER FORT Presented by Converse, our annual four-day SXSW party, will take place March 13-16 in Austin. Delorean, Future and Disclosure will perform; the full lineup will be announced next week.

To join us at the FORT, you must RSVP and pick up a wristband. SXSW badge-holders will also need to RSVP and pick up FORT wristbands to enter, but will be given priority access on a first come, first serve basis. The RSVP for FORT will be posted here next week. Make sure you’re the first to see it by following us on Twitter and signing up for our mailing list.

For those that can’t make it to Texas, there will be a live stream of the entire show on, powered by Dell. Sirius XMU will also be broadcasting live on site. The FADER FORT Presented by Converse is made possible this year by Converse, Dell, LG, Glass Is Life, Kangol, Bushmills, Hobnob, vitaminwater, FUSE TV and Joola.

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  1. Yelsgnik says:

    My body is ready!

  2. NicoSuave says:


  3. Shaun says:


  4. hailey nielsen says:

    what what

  5. Paul says:

    How does one RSVP? Is it only badge holders this year?

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  7. Susanna Cooper says:

    Woot Woot!! So Excited!!

  8. Boob says:

    Hate to say it, but this party really sucked last year. It was a lot of hype and waiting in line for nothing basically. Don’t even waste your time with this guys, trust me!

  9. Tommy Martinez says:


  10. Ricky Harrell says:


  11. Theonetrueman says:

    Boob you are wrong. It was a blast.

  12. Tommy Worden says:

    RSVP + 4

  13. dam when in the hell is the rsvp list coming

  14. bryan winston says:

    rsvp +1

  15. Miss Mad Muzak says:

    Let the comment section RSVP’s begin!

  16. BP says:

    Two years ago with Wiz and Mac Miller it was sick!!! def do this

  17. Tandy Yancey says:

    RSVP + 1

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  19. Rob says:

    This is going to be so awesome. This will be my 3rd straight year going to this.

  20. Benjamin Ramirez says:


  21. Jelani Alexander says:

    rsvp +1 I know the rsvp like has not gone up yet but fuck it!

  22. WillyB says:

    RSVP +1 But ONLY if its VIP :-)

  23. maura cosgrove says:


  24. Tabitha Avila says:

    Is it open to RSVP yet?

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  26. Khary Alexander says:

    WTF?!?! Fader….On a break at work – “Server down…check back later” come back from my break “Event closed and full!” Some can’t afford to be geek out on the internet and await your server to RSVP. Why be on your email list?

  27. Kajani500 says:

    I said the same thing, Khary. Kept refreshing, on my phone & web. Finally it said it could connect…then told me it was closed. I think they did us dirty this year. :(

  28. Heather ward says:

    Will you guys have late wristband pick up for those coming in from outta town like 9 or 10 pm on Tuesday?!?

  29. Heather ward says:

    Will you guys have late wristband pickup on Tuesday like you did in New York for those of us coming in from outta town?!

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  31. sasha q says:

    Would love to go..but rsvp never opened..any chance?

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  33. Carissa V says:

    Pah Pah Pah Please give me a wristband! I’m the lonely gal out of my circle of friends who is without one :(

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