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Video: Pete Swanson, "Grounds For Arrest"

Though he started out making harsh noise, Pete Swanson’s new material is more dance-based, welding grinding electronics to a steady backbeat in a beautifully/nightmarishly unholy union. The video for "Grounds For Arrest," directed by Diego Cohen, is mostly blurry, up-close shots of people raving. It's pretty unsettling, but that's not a bad thing. Musically, Swanson is pushing plenty of limits, creating a track from harsh tones and screeches. It's basically the soundtrack to a bad dream, but the kind where instead of waking up in a cold sweat, you wake up and think, Hey, that bad dream was actually awesome. Swanson's Punk Authority EP is out March 12 on Software.

Video: Pete Swanson, "Grounds For Arrest"